Rural Development Nepal (RDN)

...for sustainable development & social justice.


Rural Development Nepal (RDN-Kalikot) is born and brought up in Karnali (mid-west Himalayan region), a region that received scant attention of the State hence rendered the most backward and least developed region of the country. Though rich in natural resources, medicinal plants grow in abundance and yarshagumba (aphrodisiac) harvested in huge quantity and traded with Tibet, the people of the Himalayan region have remained largely illiterate, ignorant, meagerly informed, and resource-scarce. Few young, educated, energetic and change-seeking youth of Karnali got together and girded up their loins to change course of Karnali and thus the seed of RDN-Kalikot was sown. RDN-Kalikot which set off its development journey from Kalikot (the Headquarters of Karnali zone) Committed and zealous youth seek to alter the development paradigm whereby they limit themselves to the role of catalyst or stimulator, empower and enable the community to set their priorities, articulate demands, assert themselves to claim rights and resources form the State.


RDN Basic Opening Principles (BOPS)

As per its priorities, RDN has been involved mainly in four sectors: Poverty alleviation, Advocacy, Social development and Natural resource management. Until now, it has accomplished more development programs/important activities. At present, it is implementing 4 development programs in 1 of the Karnali districts.


Board of Directors

Structure of the Organisation and background of the Executive Committee members RDN has seven member’s executive committee (in which 4 are female) who have been involved in various development activities. Mr. Rabindra Sahi, chairperson of RDN. He has more than eight years experiences in leading the RDN, coordinating local level stakeholders and implementing different projects. Other members have been engaged in local development work and social organizations.